CircleLoop - Quick Start Guide

Once you have started your free trial follow the checklist below:

Here is a quick overview of our apps 


Dial numbers to call or enter a number to send an SMS/ text message (if you have a mobile number attached to your account)


Here you are able to:

  • Add contacts
  • Click to call 
  • Share Contacts 
  • See your Recent Contacts
  • Import contacts
  • See your Integrated contacts such as Hubspot, Pipedrive, Capsule etc. 

More information can be found here:

Activity Feed 

The Activity feed shows you things like:

  • Who has called 
  • Who you have called
  • What calls you have missed
  • SMS notifications
  • Voicemails 

Further Activity Feed information is explained here on our "Understanding your Activity Feed" Article.


In settings you can configure everything from users to sounds. To see an overview of all settings and their functionality click here


A summary of Total, Inbound, Outbound and Missed calls broken down into Users, Numbers and Teams. The Analytics overview can be viewed here