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CircleLoop - Guide to settings

CircleLoop's apps allow you to quickly and easily set-up your phone system to your own business needs. This article explains the various Settings available in each app and a brief overview of what each setting does and how you can configure it quickly.


Options in the CircleLoop settings panel, in the order they appear:

User features (available to all user types)

  • Numbers - See all of your phone numbers and set a default dialling-out number for your system.
  • Calls - Here's where you can define what you want to happen to your calls when you can't answer, or during your Out of hours times. Here's also where you can set your Call Recording options.
  • Devices - See the CircleLoop apps (devices you use to login) also add a device if you wish to forward calls to your mobile instead of using the apps.
  • Sound - Here's where you can select your headset or speaker for the desktop app and Change all input, output and volume levels.
  • Notifications - Set where you would like missed calls and voicemail notifications to be to sent (Email, Slack, Hipchat)
  • Integrations - Takes you to the integrations site to install and login with Hubspot, Pipedrive, Capsule or Google Chrome (more integrations coming soon)
  • Conference Calling - Allows you to create a call which multiple people can join and contribute to. Simply copy and paste your dial in number and pin, share it with your callers and ask them to join.
  • Account - Here's where you can change your email address and password at any time
  • Earn Free Credit - "Does what it says on the tin" Simply share your invite code with your contacts and for every successful signup, we'll credit your CircleLoop account with a free user for a month and also credit theirs with a free month!

    Administrator Features (Available to Owners or Admin only)

This section of settings allows you to setup an easy "call route" like so:

  • Users - Here you can manage your users such as adding new users and individual configuration including being able to upgrade and downgrade their subscription plan
  • Teams - Add and manage your teams. Add users into teams like sale team, support or general enquiries. 
  • Numbers - Here you can assign Numbers to Menus, Teams or Users. Also allows the addition of extra numbers!
  • Menus - Setup a menu to divert your callers to the right team or user, add extensions and a welcome greeting
  • Privacy - Allows you to enable call recording for all users on your account. also block those nuisance callers by adding a blocked number
  • Subscription - Enter/update your payment details or cancel your subscription 
  • Global Settings - Lets you change your company name