How To Use CircleLoop Call Recording Software | CircleLoop

Record your calls, or as an administrator set recording options for your users.

This article will demonstrate and guide you through the process of setting up call recording within CircleLoop and show you how to playback or download the calls.

Turn on Call Recording

The Call Recording feature enables you to record calls either for individual users or for all users in your account.

User Call Recording

  • Click on Settings 
  • Click on the "Calls" menu option

CircleLoop - Desktop - Settings - Calls

  • Scroll to down to Call recording and turn it on.

Entire Account Call Recording

If you are the Owner or an Administrator of your account, you can turn enable recording for all users linked to your account.

  • Click on Settings
  • In the Administrator section of the Settings menu, click on the Privacy menu option
    CircleLoop - Administrator Menu - Privacy
  • Turn on "Call recording" 

CircleLoop - Administrator Call Recording Option

You can then click "Select users to record" to specify which calls to record.

Playback and Download

Once call recording is turned on the next call will be recorded.  You are unable to get historic recordings for calls which took place before this option is enabled.

With call recording turned on your Call recordings are stored with ourselves for up to 12 Months before being removed

User Call Recordings

Once you have made or received a call on the desktop app you can listen to your own calls by:

  • Locate the call in your Activity Feed
  • Click the 3 dots icon located on the Activity
  • Select the option "Listen to Recording" in the drop down
  • Then use the controls to play or download the recording (.mp3 format)

Entire Account

As an Administrator or Owner, you can listen to all user's call recordings.  This option is currently only available on the desktop app.

  • Click on the Analytics icon on the far left 
  • Click the "Users" menu option
  • Click the User whose calls you wish to review. This will display their call history.
  • Locate the call within the call history
  • Next to the call, you will see the wording "Call Recording" - click this option to play or download (.mp3 format) or delete the recording