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Understanding your Activity Feed

What is an Activity Feed

Upon opening CircleLoop weather you are using one of the desktop apps or mobile apps you will notice an Activity Feed.
This is displayed  in the left hand side  panel of the desktop app or accessed by clicking on the "Activity" button located at the bottom of the screen on mobile devices.

Your Activity Feed will be sorted automatically by "All" meaning that all of the below topics activity is shown in one list with times the calls/messages were made or received (with easy icons shown next to the number)

Calls Made

Calls Received

Calls Missed

Voicemail (this shows usually after the red icon above) meaning the missed caller has left you a message

Which looks like this (notice it keeps the time at which the call was missed and the caller left the message)

SMS/Text Message Received 

SMS/Text Message Sent

If you want to filter any of the above to show, for example, Calls made only there is a button at the top of the Activity feed which displays a drop down list enabling you to filter by each topic like so:

Hopefully the above has helped you understand your Activity Feed and what is displayed.