Sending and receiving SMS

Sending & Receiving SMS With CircleLoop

If you would like to use SMS/ text messaging on CircleLoop you can activate the feature quickly and easily by adding a mobile phone number to your account.
If you do not have a mobile number on your account this feature will not work!

Our SMS service is ideal for inbound and outbound text messaging via the CircleLoop apps, although there are currently some limitations to the service which you should consider prior to adding a mobile number or porting an existing mobile number across to us.

  • The text message notifications service is currently limited. Received messages will not notify on screen, only in-app.
  • Text messages sent and received will appear individually in your app activity feed.
  • Text message conversations will not “thread” in your activity feed.
  • Our messaging service is not currently compatible with iMessage (iPhone).
  • Messages are currently limited to 160 characters.

If you would like to activate your SMS/text messaging service, you will first need to contact CircleLoop support to enable SMS on your account and then add a mobile number to send and receive messages.

Click on Settings 

Within the Settings menu on the left hand side you should see a heading “ADMINISTRATOR” within this heading click on “Numbers”

In the Numbers menu click “Add Number +”

Select the option “UK Mobile Number” and choose a number which suits you and click “Add Number” (Displayed will be the top 20 on our list)

Once you have added a mobile number you will need to assign it to yourself or another user

Return to the main/home screen and select the number you have just selected

Click the “Enter number…” field and begin typing the number you want to send a message to, doing so will make a speech bubble icon appear on the right hand side.

Click this icon and type your message

When complete hit the Send button and your message will send with a copy appearing in your call history log.
Additionally - When a message is received to your selected number this is where it will be displayed.