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How to Redirect Your Calls to Voicemail

Set personal greetings for users & teams and control the redirect delay period.

There are 2 main types of voicemail within CircleLoop:

  • User Voicemail
  • Team Voicemail

User Voicemail Settings

When you receive calls to your own phone number(s), you're able to set up voicemail for when you're not able to answer a call, if you're on another call or if you're set to snooze.  In addition, you can also set a different voicemail for when you're out of hours.

To see the numbers that your voicemail will answer calls for, navigate to Settings, then Numbers. Here you can see all the numbers you can currently be reached on, including as a member of a Team or via a Menu. 

Your voicemail will be activated for all numbers assigned to You

CircleLoop - Desktop - Numbers - You

To set up your voicemail navigate to Settings, then click Calls. In the Call Settings block, you will see options for what action to take when calls aren't answered.

Select the "Ask to leave a voicemail" option.

Setting your greeting

A default greeting is available to use or alternatively you can record or upload your own.  The default greeting is...

"The person you called is not available at the moment, please leave your message after the tone."

To record your own greeting, click Record.

If using our desktop apps, we recommend that you use a good quality headset rather than the built in microphone.  Click the microphone button to start the recording and when you're finished click stop.

If using our mobile apps, lift your phone to your ear and start speaking after the beep. 

You can then play back your recording to review it.  If it's OK then click Save.  If you don't like the recording, just press Cancel or Redo and repeat the above steps.

If you already have your own recording you can click Upload to upload the file.  This must be in mp3 format.  To convert any other file formats to mp3, we'd recommend using a freeware tool such as Audacity.  Please note that the upload facility is not currently available in the iPhone app.

If you already have a greeting set, you can play the current greeting, redo the recording or upload a new greeting.

Please note that the maximum greeting length is 60 seconds and maximum upload size 500Kb.

Setting the voicemail delay

The default voicemail delay is 25 seconds. Next to the "Ask to leave a voicemail" option, you'll see an option with the current voicemail delay setting.  Click on this and select the required delay. You can change this to anything between 15 and 50 seconds.

Turning off your voicemail

Within settings, calls, under the call settings block, select on of the other options such as the "Keep ringing" option.

Listening to your voicemail messages

Team Voicemail Settings

Every team within CircleLoop can also have its own voicemail settings.  These voicemail messages are then available to every member of the team.