How to Listen to Your Voicemail Messages

Listen to or download your voicemails. Read your messages or copy them to documents thanks to automatic transcription.

To listen to your voicemail messages please follow the below steps depending on your device:

Before you start please make sure you are running the latest version, if not visit our website to download the latest desktop version or the relevant App store/Google play store and update.

Desktop app

In your "Activity" window find your voicemail by this blue icon:

CircleLoop - Desktop - Received Voicemail - Menu-1

After locating it, click on the three dots icon at the right top corner and select "Listen to voicemail". That opens a new window for you:

CircleLoop - Desktop - Received Voicemail - Call Info and Transcription

You can click on "Play" button and listen to the message they left for you.

If the call is from an unknown contact, you can click on "Add contact" to add the number to your contact list. Clicking on the green telephone button calls the number back directly, or you can block any further calls from this number by clicking "Block".

Clicking on Three dots will bring up menu allowing you to download the voicemail or copy the text of the message to your clipboard.

CircleLoop - Desktop - Received Voicemail - Download Copy Text Menu

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Mobile app

Go to your "Activity" window and locate a voicemail message. For quick access you can tap on "Filter" at the right top corner to filter only voicemail entries.

When you tap on it it will bring up submenu:

Tap on the "Play" button to play your voicemail message. You can tap on three icons at the bottom of the screen to block, send a text message or call the number back.

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