How To Report CircleLoop Software Bugs

How do we try to make sure there aren't any bugs?

We work hard to make sure our software is fully tested.  Every time we make any updates we manually test functionality and also run lots of automated tests just to make sure.  We've also got monitoring in place looking out for when things go wrong or start look a little odd.  If we spot something then we'll often be able to fix it before any customers are impacted.

Even with all this in place though, it's still possible that things can go wrong and that we've missed something.

Firstly check your browser

Web browsers (especially Internet Explorer) often don't handle sites as expected and can be a bit quirky.  Before submitting a bug report, check out our guide troubleshooting browser issues.

Submitting a Bug Report

If you've spotted a bug and our browser troubleshooting article doesn't help then please prepare a bug report and send it to us.  When reporting bugs it really helps if you can provide as much information as possible on how to recreate it.