Troubleshooting web browser issues

CircleLoop is designed to be used with our desktop apps (Mac/Windows) and mobile (iPhone/Android) apps.  We do though offer limited support for using your account through a web browser as  We also let you administer your account in your web browser at  

Typical browsers are Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and Internet Explorer. Because all browsers are different, sometimes you might experience quirks in CircleLoop because of the browser you are using. This article will help you troubleshoot those issues. 

Firstly, we highly recommend you use Google Chrome for your browser.  If you've not got it yet then you can download it here -  Download Google Chrome.  Chrome is the browser that's officially supported by us, so unless you're using it then we can't guarantee that everything work or look quite as expected.

If you can't use Chrome for whatever reason then try using Firefox.  We don't recommend using Edge, Safari, Internet Explorer or any other web browsers due to potential compatibility issues.

If you're having problems using any of the CircleLoop websites, try logging into CircleLoop in the following ways to see if you get the same issue:

  • Disable all extensions and customizations in your current browser
  • Try using a different browser on the same computer
  • Try using a different computer
  • Allow cookies from third party sites in case you're running into any issues with any partners we're using

If you can't get another browser to try, we'll need you to clear your cache and check for errors. Here are simple instructions on how to do that:

In Firefox, or Chrome, you can check for errors with the Error Console. On Firefox or Chrome for Windows, bring it up with Ctrl+Shift+J. On MacOS, use Command+Option+J for Chrome or Command+Shift +J for Firefox. You can copy any errors you see there, or take a screenshot and send it to us.