Processing refunds

If you're due a refund for any reason then once you let us know, we'll make sure that we process it immediately for you.  In normal circumstances, a refund will sit in your CircleLoop account as a credit note and the amount will be used towards your next monthly invoice.

If you'd prefer for the amount to be credited back to your bank then just let us know and we will process this for you straight away.  Please bear in mind however, it may take anywhere up to ten business days for your  bank to process the refund and for the funds to be returned to your account.

In some cases, usually where a refund has been issued in quick succession after the original charge, the refund request may go through in the form of a reversal. In this case, the original payment will simply ‘drop off’ your statement, rather than an additional refund line item appearing.

If you've not seen the original charge being reversed or refunded after ten days, we’d recommend you contact your bank directly to ensure that this is resolved.