How To Prevent Echo On CircleLoop Calls | CircleLoop

An echo during a call can be a mild to severe issue sometimes rendering the call unsustainable. Thankfully there are some quick fixes that will often resolve this types of issues. 


  • Conference call where a loudspeaker is being used
  • Users alone or in a conference on a laptop/desktop using speakers in conjunction with an internal microphone.
  • Low end headset with substandard noise cancellation.  


  • The best way that we can suggest to resolve this issue would be to use a Jabra headset which has been fully tested to work with CircleLoop.
  • Switch to using our app on a mobile device
  • Reduce speaker volume and decrease microphone sensitivity.
  • If using a headset ensure it's selected in CircleLoop by going to settings >> Sounds and make sure your headset is selected for call audio and microphone