Offline Number setup/re-direct

  • Re-direct to a number for yourself
  • Re-direct to a number for your users (Owner/Admin only)

One of our safeguarding options is to configure an Offline Number within CircleLoop which uses your mobile number as a back-up, in the event of no or poor data connectivity. This also assures that you can run your system with the optimal set-up. 

If you intend to primarily use the mobile apps over the desktop versions for your calls this is certainly an option to consider.

Obviously calls are reliant on a good quality mobile data or WiFi connection, but we do offer a couple of additional safeguards which are particularly useful when you’re travelling and unable to guarantee the integrity of your data connection.

Setup an Offline re-direct for yourself (to receive calls on the mobile when your connection just doesn't cut it)

To set this up in your apps please follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Devices
  3. Tap on the device named “iOS (this app)” (or Android, if not iOS)
  4. Add your mobile number in the box. When using offline number, your mobile phone cannot automatically identify that it is a business call coming in. However, there are two options to help identify this:
  5. Announce calls (optional) will announce the call when you answer (press 1 to accept the call), so you have the choice to accept or reject the call before answering it. To reject simply hang up and the call will go to your CircleLoop voicemail.
  6. Present Dialled number (again optional) presents you with the number your caller dialled (i.e. your business phone number on the screen). It does not display caller ID.

Setting features such as out of hours within the “Calls” menu and voicemail settings can still be used as normal regardless.

Setup a re-direct for yourself (receive calls through your mobile instead of the CircleLoop app)

To set this up in your apps please follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings 
  2. Devices
  3. Tap on the + or +Add new Device button
  4. Add your mobile number in the box.
  5. The same options apply for Announce and Present Dialled Number

Setup re-direct for your Users

In addition to setting this up yourself if you are an Owner or Admin you are able to set re-directs up for all your users in a similar way:

  1. Go to Settings> Users
  2. Tap on the users name
  3. Add your mobile number in the Number Device box. 
  4. The options to Announce and Present dialled number still apply

I hope that this helps to explain the set-up options, but please do get in touch if you require further clarification.