Not receiving emails from CircleLoop?

From time to time emails might not get through to you.  This is because of the controls built into email programs and providers to help combat SPAM.  If you find that you're not receiving emails from us then these general guidelines should help you get things sorted.

Once we've sent an email from our servers then we don't know what happens to it. We've passed on the email and trust that your mail server will deliver it to you.  If it doesn't for any reason then hopefully this will help.

Emails we send from CircleLoop

We send emails for a variety of different including:

  • account activation
  • password reset
  • payment confirmation
  • payment failure
  • missed calls
  • new voicemails

Each of these emails will come from the address:

Our support team may also contact you from the address:

To help make sure that the email reaches you then we'd advise adding these email addresses to your address book and/or asking your network administrator to whitelist them.

NOTE: CircleLoop uses  Mandrill to send transactional emails and Mailchimp to send marketing emails.  These applications are authorised to send emails on our behalf using DKIM ond/or SPF

Check SPAM Locally and on the Network

It's possible that despite our best efforts, emails from CircleLoop could get caught in SPAM filters. Check the SPAM folder in your email inbox to see if it's there. If it's not in your local SPAM folder, ask your network administrator if the message might be blocked at the network level.

If you continue to have problems after checking these points then please get in touch and we'll do all we can to help you.