Integrating CircleLoop With Gorgias

Add the power of CircleLoop to your Gorgias account.

What Does Gorgias Integration Do?
Getting Started - Installing the Gorgias Integration

How to Find Your API Key

How to Find Your Domain

Gorgias Contacts in CircleLoop

Customise / Update Gorgias Integration

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Gorgias Integration Do?

Synchronise Contacts from Gorgias to CircleLoop

Gorgias - Contacts Import To CircleLoop

The CircleLoop Gorgias integration imports contact information from your Gorgias Customers. This may take a few minutes if you have a large number of contacts. 

As you add, update or remove contacts in Gorgias, those details will be synchronised with CircleLoop. Contacts are synchronised on a daily basis.

Log Call Details, Call Recording and SMS Messages to Gorgias Contacts

Gorgias - Logging to Gorgias

When you make a call to a Gorgias customer through CircleLoop, information relating to that call is logged in Gorgias's "calls history" for that customer. Additionally, CircleLoop will update your Gorgias customer with information about call recordings and SMS messages.

Gorgias - Calls History

Make Calls Directly From Gorgias

Gorgias - Calling From Within Gorgias

If you have the CircleLoop Chrome extension installed, you can make CircleLoop calls to your customers directly from Gorgias. Details of the call are then logged in Gorgias.

To make a call from within Gorgias, simply click the phone number of the customer. CircleLoop will open with that number, ready to make the call.

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Getting Started - Installing the Gorgias Integration

Navigate to the CircleLoop integrations menu by either:

Scroll to the Gorgias integration and click Install.

Gorgias - Integration - Install

In order to connect your CircleLoop and Gorgias accounts you will need to provide:

Gorgias - Details Required

When you have provided all the required information click Install. After a few moments a message will appear notifying you that the Gorgias integration was installed successfully.

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How to Find Your API Key

An API key is a like password that services use to access each other. Gorgias lets you create an API key to give to other services such as CircleLoop to allow them to securely access a limited set of information within your account, such as contacts, and to update information, such as call history.

So, in order for CircleLoop to access information within your Gorgias account you will first need to create an API key within Gorgias. You then provide that API key to the CircleLoop integration.

To create your API Key log in to your Gorgias account. Click on Tickets in the top left to bring up the Gorgias menu. Then click Settings.

Gorgias - Select Ticket-Settings

Under Your Profile, click REST API.

Gorgias - Select REST API

On the page that appears, under Password (API Key) click "Create API Key".

An API Key will then be provided in the Password (API Key) box. Click Copy next to the API Key.

Gorgias- REST API Settings Including Key and Domain

Paste this key into the Gorgias integration installation.

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How to Find Your Domain

Gorgias creates a domain for your company when you create your account. CircleLoop uses this domain name to tell Gorgias which account it is connecting to.

The domain name takes the form of You can see it in the address bar of your web browser when you are using Gorgias.

Gorgias - Domain in address bar

You can also find your domain name in the REST API page of Gorgias Settings. It is part of the Base API URL. 

Gorgias - Domain From API Base URL

Enter the domain into the Gorgias integration installation.

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Gorgias Contacts in CircleLoop

CircleLoop helps you recognise which of your contacts were imported from Gorgias by tagging them.

Gorgias - Contact in CircleLoop Listing

By viewing a contact's details, you can navigate directly to their information in Gorgias by clicking View on Gorgias.

Gorgias - Contact in CircleLoop

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Customising or Updating Gorgias Integration

Once the integration is installed, you can choose which details you wish to log to your Gorgias contacts. To customise Gorgias integration navigate to the CircleLoop integrations menu by either:

Scroll to the Gorgias integration and click Configure.

Gorgias - Configure Integration

You can choose whether or not to log information to your Gorgias customers about:

  • Call Recordings
  • SMS Messages
  • Call Activities

You can also update your Gorgias account integration details, including:

Gorgias - Configure Integration Details-1

When you have finished making changes, click Reconfigure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I disconnect CircleLoop from my Gorgias account?

To remove Gorgias integration, navigate to the CircleLoop integrations menu by either:

Scroll to the Gorgias integration and click Uninstall. After a few moments you will see a message notifying you that the integration was uninstalled successfully.

Note: Contacts that were previously imported from Gorgias will now be removed from CircleLoop.

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