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Identifying calls to different numbers

You might be one of many customers that operate several business titles but worry about knowing how to answer the phone when a call comes in. Thankfully there is a solution to this minor dilemma with something as simple as using the team and menu functions.

A team doesn't just need to be used for its conventional purpose it also gives one the option to add titles to numbers which will show on your screen. Below is an example of where teams can be applied to solve this problem.

Scenario 1: John owns three businesses, wants them all calls to come through to his CircleLoop app but to be able to identify which business is being called. John was able to achieve this by creating three teams with titles that reflected his businesses and assigned the three different numbers to each team by doing the following.

  • Go to settings 
  • Within the Administration section, select Teams 
  • Select Add Team
  • Typing the business title as your team name and then add yourself and any other users to the team
  • Click on Done to close the team
  • While still in settings, select the Numbers option within Administration
  • Select Add number 
  • Click assign then link the number to the team you just created
  • Then just repeating these steps for the other two business titles

Scenario 2: Susan has three business titles but wants one number for all of them and to be able to see which one being called. Susan was able to achieve this by following the same steps as john in the previous scenario then creating a menu and assigning the options to team names by doing the following. 

  • First follow the steps above to create a team for each business - remember, you don't need to assign a number to the teams as all calls will come through the menu you're about to create
  • Go to Settings 
  • Within the Administration section, select Menus 
  • Select Add Menu
  • Give the menu a title such as Main Menu
  • Record or upload a greeting such as... "Press 1 for Business A, 2 for B and 3 for C"
  • Create menu options for 1, 2, 3 and assign each option to the relevant team
  • While in settings go to Admin Numbers
  • Add number and assign to Menu

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