How To Find Your FLG API Key & Domain For CircleLoop

How to find or create your FLG API Key & Domain

1. FLG API Keys

Your FLG API Key can be found in your FLG web portal by following the below steps.

1. Click into Settings

2. Select Configuration from the Settings Sub-Menu

3. Click 'Access Keys'


The Access Keys screen will show any existing keys that have permission to access your FLG account, when installing CircleLoop we recommend creating a new key.

4. Select Add New Access Key



Give the new Access Key a friendly description (eg. 'CircleLoop') and grant permissions to allow CircleLoop to create, read & update leads & activities, and access the Voice integration:

Screen Shot 2019-09-25 at 13.13.57

Click Continue to generate the new key, and copy the key across to the integration configuration screen:

Screen Shot 2019-09-25 at 13.38.08

2. Your FLG Domain


Your FLG domain appears in the URL bar when you login to your FLG account.

In the above example, 'yourdomain' is the domain required to install CircleLoop. This would usually be your company name or some variant of.