Explaining 'Number Device' and associated settings

CircleLoop works by using your internet or mobile data connection and delivers your calls (inbound and outbound) direct to your computer system and smartphone via our apps. 

If you're mainly office-based or just travel occasionally, you should find that receiving calls via the apps is very reliable. However, if you are travelling regularly or maybe finding your internet/ mobile data connection to be a little unreliable you can use a 'number device' to forward your calls directly to another phone number (e.g. your mobile number or an existing landline).

If you add a 'number device' (Settings>Devices>Add) or (Settings>Users>User Name>Number Device) the CircleLoop app will then automatically forward any inbound calls directly to the number that you specify.

Announce Calls & Present Dialled Number

If you do choose to forward your inbound calls rather than receiving via the apps, CircleLoop is not able to automatically identify on screen that your business line has been called (which it does if you answer via the apps). You will still see the Caller's ID, but it will just behave as if a "normal" call coming into your mobile.

So, if you decide to forward inbound calls and would still like to be able to identify business calls vs personal calls, you have two options:

Announce Calls
If you select 'Announce' the inbound call will behave as normal in terms of what you see on your screen (the Caller's ID), but when you answer the call you will hear a recorded message which says "you have a call, please press 1 to accept it". 

• If you press 1, the call will connect.
• If you hang up, the caller will be sent to your CircleLoop voicemail.

Announce Calls is also useful if you want to prevent inbound (forwarded) callers from hitting your personal voicemail. Remember, this is only relevant if you are forwarding calls. A CircleLoop call received via the apps will never hit your personal voicemail.

Present Dialled Number
This option will display the number that the caller has dialled (i.e. your business line) on your screen. It replaces the Caller's ID therefore allowing you to identify an inbound business call visually on screen.

So, if you do decide to use a Number Device to receive inbound calls on CircleLoop, it's just down to your own personal preference which business call identification option you want to use. Both settings are optional - you can use one, both, or neither - it's up to you!