Pre-Owned Desk Phone Setup - Snom

Setting up a pre-owned Snom desk phone

If your Snom device has previously been registered with another telephony provider, you may have to overwrite the default settings in addition to Factory Resetting the device.


In order to overwrite the default settings, please follow the below steps:


  1. Download this configuration file.
  2. Perform a factory reset of your phone.
  3. Identify the IP (v4) address of your phone (this can be done by pressing [UP] (^) on the keypad, and the choosing [Information] (5), followed by [System Info] (2).
  4. In an Internet Browser, enter the IP address of your phone in place of the website address.
  5. Sign into the phones settings page. The default username and password are both “admin”. 
  6. From the menu on the left, select [Advanced].
  7. If prompted, log in with the password “admin123”.
  8. Select the [Update] tab along the top.
  9. Locate the ‘Upload Setting File manually’ option located in the middle of the page, and select [Choose File].
  10. Click [Load] to upload the replacement configuration file.
  11. Click [Reboot] to restart the phone.
  12. Continue the phone setup in CircleLoop.