CircleLoop - Roadmap and Feature Requests

Every Business needs a Roadmap and CircleLoop is no exception! we are always adding new features and taking on board requests to deliver the best product to our users we possibly can.

Lift off!

Here is a link to our Roadmap: which shows you what we're currently working on now, next, a little later and then also ideas for the future.

We give our users a view of our plans for CircleLoop and also a chance to vote on the features that are most important to them.

We use your votes to help us decide on what to deliver and when. Remember though, things change and so do our plans - don't expect this Roadmap to stand still as we certainly don't.

Hot new Ideas! 

As well as what you can see on our roadmap we've got our own ideas (including some top secret ones!) so brace yourself for an incredible journey with us all 

If you want to talk to us in more detail about any features, then we'd love to hear from you - just get in touch.

We want CircleLoop to be a tool that you love using, full of features which make your life easier. Our team is constantly working on new ideas and evolving the product so we're not able to do everything that people ask for.

  • We make sure that we look at all customer ideas alongside our own roadmap and figure out what's best to deliver next.
  • We look for common themes to decide which ideas will bring the most benefit to our customers.
  • Our teams regularly discuss the direction of CircleLoop and decide what features will help us get to where we're going.

Your own Ideas!

If you think you have a great idea that could potentially boost CircleLoop for Businesses just like yours drop us a suggestion using our live chat or send an email to including as much detail as you can.  We can't guarantee that we'll be able to work on it straight away but we will look at each feature request.  
If we think it's a good idea then we'll put it on our roadmap and let you know when we're planning on launching it.  Customers can vote on our roadmap so that we make sure we deliver what's most important to you.

Unfortunately not all ideas will match up with our big picture for CircleLoop so we might not ever be able to make it happen for you - sorry.  

Keep up to date!

If you want to keep up to date with all our new releases, announcements and feature plans then hook up with us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or follow our Blog.