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CircleLoop - How to block a number

This is an admin-only feature. If you are not an Admin on your CircleLoop account and wish to block a number please speak to your system Admin.

System Admins - adding a blocked number will block it for your entire CircleLoop account and prevent inbound calls from that caller to any of your linked phone numbers.

Adding a blocked number - Desktop apps

To add a blocked number, navigate to Settings > Admin > Privacy:

Click on Add Blocked Number +

Add the number that you wish to block give it a name/label for easy identification and click Done - the number is now blocked.

Adding a blocked number - Mobile apps

There are two ways to add a blocked number in your CircleLoop mobile app.

  • Directly from the Activity feed. Simply tap on the number/contact that you wish to block, and then click the Block option.


  • Go to Settings
  • Privacy (Admin heading) 
  • Press the + icon
  • Add the number and give it a name/label if you wish for easy identification
  • Press Done
  • The number will now be blocked.