CircleLoop - Conference Calling

If you have CircleLoop installed on your computer, and have an account, you can start a conference call. This will allow you to host a virtual chat room and add other users/people to your room.

Hosting a call

Follow these quick steps to within CircleLoop to begin your own Conference Call:

  • Settings 
  • Conference Calling 
  • Click on your number and walla! you are the leader of a conference call.
  • To add users into your conference "room" simply give them your conference phone number and pin displayed on the same settings page and tell them to dial the number in 
  • You will hear some music until users join
  • When a user joins you will hear a beep to clarify they have entered

Joining a call

If you have been invited to join a Conference Call follow these steps:

  • You should have been given a phone number and a pin number. If not, request this from the leader of your conference
  • Dial the given number
  • Enter the pin on your keypad when asked to do so
  • Tada! you are now in the conference call with the leader and any other users