Can I hide my number when making calls?

We're sometimes asked if it's possible to hide your number when making calls from CircleLoop.  Unfortunately, this isn't a feature that is available within CircleLoop.

Calling Line Identification (CLI) data is personal data within the meaning of data protection legislation and is covered by the Privacy and Electronic Communications
(EC Directive) Regulations (PECR) 2003.2.  This sets out a fundamental series of privacy rights for end users making and receiving calls. PECR was amended in 2016 to require anyone making calls for direct marketing purposes, not to prevent the presentation of the identity of the calling line on the called line and to ensure that a valid number is presented to the recipient of the call.

In addition to this, in Autumn of 2017 Ofcom introduced a new General Condition (GC) C6 which means that valid CLI data must always be provided when making a call.  This new regulation came in to force on the 1st of October 2018, at which point CircleLoop (wherever technically feasible) only allows inbound calls where the CLI Data provided with a call includes a valid telephone number which uniquely identifies the caller.  Where our "present dialled number" feature has been selected when forwarding calls, the CLI Data will always be made available within the activity feed in the CircleLoop apps.