Integrating CircleLoop with

The integration allows you to import your Monday contacts into CircleLoop, as well as notifying you in Monday about CircleLoop interactions.

What Does Integration Do?

Synchronise Contacts from Monday to CircleLoop


The Monday integration imports contact information from your Monday team members.

As you add or remove team members in, those details will be synchronised with CircleLoop daily.

Notify you of Call Activities, Call Recordings and SMS Messages with Notifications


When you make a call to a Monday team member through CircleLoop, information related to that call is logged and sent as a notification in Additionally, CircleLoop will notify you about missed calls and SMS messages.


Installing the Integration

Navigate to the CircleLoop integrations menu by either:

Find the integration and click Install.


Review the required permissions and click ‘Authorize’.


The integration will now install and connect your Monday account with CircleLoop. After a few moments, a message will appear notifying you that the integration was successfully installed. Contacts in CircleLoop

CircleLoop helps you recognise which of your contacts were imported from by tagging them.


By viewing a contact’s details, you can navigate directly to their information in by clicking on ‘View in Monday’.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I disconnect CircleLoop from my account?

To remove the Monday integration, navigate to the CircleLoop integrations by either:

Scroll to the Monday integration and click ‘Uninstall’. After a few moments, you will see a message notifying you that the integration was uninstalled successfully.

Contacts that were previously imported from will now be removed from CircleLoop.