Do you have an idea for a great new feature for CircleLoop? This guide is here to help you understand how we keep track of feature requests as well as how to submit new ones.

Where do I send my idea?

If you've got an idea then let us know using live chat or send an email to including as much detail as you can.  We can't guarantee that we'll be able to work on it straight away but we will look at each feature request.  If we think it's a good idea then we'll put it on our roadmap and let you know when we're planning on launching it.  Unfortunately not all ideas will match up with our big picture for CircleLoop so we might not ever be able to make it happen for you - sorry.  

How We Decide On New Features

We want CircleLoop to be a tool that you love using, full of features which make your life easier. Our team is constantly working on new ideas and evolving the product so we're not able to do everything that people ask for.

  • We make sure that we look at all customer ideas alongside our own roadmap and figure out what's best to deliver next.
  • We look for common themes to decide which ideas will bring the most benefit to our customers.
  • Our teams regularly discuss the direction of CircleLoop and decide what features will help us get to where we're going.

We'd love to hear from you so why not  send us your idea?

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