CircleLoop integrates with Hubspot CRM, to give you synchronised contacts, click-to-call functionality and automated CRM notes for calls received, made, missed and voicemail.

UPDATE - The latest version of our HubSpot Integration (June 2019) includes a brand new native dialler inside HubSpot, which handles your outbound calls without needing to leave HubSpot.

Linking your CircleLoop & Hubspot Accounts

  • Open a new browser window, and navigate to
  • Sign-in using your CircleLoop account email address & password
  • Scroll down and locate the Hubspot integration
  • Click on the Install button
  • If you are not currently logged in to Hubspot, you will be asked to do that now:
  • Your CircleLoop-Hubspot integration will now be installed (this can take up to 30 seconds).

Once initial setup is complete on the integrations page you can now select options to Log Call Recordings or Log Call Activities if you wish:

Allow 5-10 minutes for the integration to take effect and for your contacts to synchronise across. You're now ready to go!

Using The Integration

Navigate to HubSpot and open up any Contact record (any record with a phone number will work).

  1. Make sure you're logged-in to the CircleLoop desktop app
  2. Click on the Call button on the contact record in HubSpot and the CircleLoop native dialler will appear
  3. Login and sync with your desktop app (see below)
  4. You can now place outbound calls via the dialler

5. You can also take notes during and immediately after the call, which are then saved against the call record automatically:

Other Notes

• Inbound calls arrive in the normal way, via your CircleLoop apps. We plan to introduce inbound calls via the HubSpot native dialler in a future update.

• All call activity (inbound, outbound, missed, voicemail, transcriptions and call recordings) will be automatically logged and visible under the Calls tab against the correct contact in HubSpot.

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